Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accosted Over a Hot Link---Really?

So, as if I hadn't had a difficult enough week this week, yesterday at work I was accosted over a hot link sausage.  Every other month, we have a luncheon to celebrate the birthdays of those who had a birthday during that two-month period.  I was asked to bring hot links, which I am not particularly fond of any way, but I didn't bat an eyelash about buying them if it was what the team wanted.  Now, I do not buy for my co-workers any less quality of food item than I would ingest myself.  If I make a dish for work, I am sure to buy quality ingrediants.  Well, this person, I'll call her Demon to save her identity, first thing in the morning was already inquiring about the links I'd bought.  She was basically wanting to know if I'd bought some weird off brand.  I let her know that I'd bought a quality name brand, all beef, so it would be ok. 

We had our luncheon, and it was really nice.  We had had a great day, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.  At my break, I noticed the food still sitting out on the table, and that there were a lot of hot links left.  Two of us had brought a pack, so there was a combination of both left over.  I grabbed all of them and put them in the refridgerator because I thought it was time to chill the meat.  About an hour later, Demon decides she wants a link.  I let her know I'd put them in the fridge.  She began chewing me up one side and down the other!  "You're not supposed to put them in the fridge to get cold!  You leave them out so people can eat on them all day!" This may not sound too terrible, but she was being hateful about it and in the way she was saying it to me.  I said that I didn't realize people were going to eat any more, so I put them away to keep them from spoiling.  I, being the altruistic person I am, walked into the break room, grabbed the whole plate of links to put them back out on the luncheon table.  Demon met me on my way back.  "Gimme one of them links!"  "You ain't gonna take all them links!"  "So-in-So also bought a pack, they ain't all yours!"  Do you know how badly I wanted to tell her to take them and shove them all where the sun doesn't shine??? 

I opened the plate and let her take a link, trying to explain to her that I was not intending on taking all the precious hunks of fatted meat, but she was not hearing me at this point.  When I got back into my work area, I gave all of them to the other person who'd also bought a pack.  I told her, "here, do what you want with these."  Then, Demon came back to our work area and started accosting me AGAIN!!!  "You don't act like I'm begging for food!  I don't have to ask you for no food!"  I mean, REALLY!!!  I finally told her to go to hell, turned around, put on my headphones and fumed.  I could then see her in my peripherial vision talking to everyone around, whom she'd made VERY uncomfortable, about me.  It took everything in me not to stand up and yell, "F*** YOU, and take those hot links and shove them up your a**!" 

What makes people behave inappropriately over something as simple as food?  I would have given Demon the whole damn plate of links had she asked me!  The better question is why did she feel the need to treat me disrespectfully and mean?  Did that make her feel better about herself?  She made me so angry that I could tell my blood pressure was up.  When I got home, I felt terrible, both mentally and physically.  And all over some damn hot links that I could have given a rat's a** about!  What did she accomplish with her behavior? 

I don't know... I just don't get people any more.  And certainly, I don't get demons!

Pieces of My Heart

Lying on the couch I attempt to pick myself up off of it to move, to simply move.
Scattered about the lonely place I call "home" are pieces of my heart.
I make my first attempt to clean up the mess and put the pieces back together,
But I know the work will be a slow process.

Promises, promises, easily slipped from the tongue and meaningless.
Empty, void, promises as useless as a candle in the wind.
May as well have been spoken to the air for all they were worth.
I wonder how I will be able to trust ever again anyone.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bands I've Seen Live

I've been to so many concerts that it's difficult to remember all of them... Let's see if I can.

1. Big Audio Dynomite
2. David Bowie
3. Nine Inch Nails
4. Iggy Pop
5. Butthole Surfers
6. Pixies
7. Jane's Addiction
8. Crash Worship
10. Pere Ubu
11. Bauhaus
12. Bad Religion
13. Bad Brains
14. The Misfits
15. GWAR
16. The Chieftains
17. Green Day
18. Stray Cats
19. Reverend Horton Heat
20. Depeche Mode
21. Rob Zombie
22. Black Sabbath
23. Primus
24. Front 242
25. Public Enemy
26. The Rolling Stones
27. Morrissey

There HAS to be some I'm forgetting about.  I only included really big bands I've seen.  As I recall others, I'll add to the list. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sometimes it’s discouraging being a single woman who happens to be “heady.”  I enjoy and thrive on interesting and stimulating conversation with people in general.  I expect nothing less from potential love interests as well.  Put simply, if a man cannot stimulate my mind, he probably isn’t going to be able to stimulate any other part of me either.  I guess maybe I’m an oddball for being that way, but I am a realist who understands that physical attraction only goes so far in a relationship.  When it comes to a love interest, I want to be with someone who can teach me new things and show me new ways of thinking.  And if a man isn’t spiritual, forget it.  By spiritual, I don’t mean religious; I mean that he has some kind of connection with a higher power.  These aspects have to be in place to interest me; otherwise a guy is wasting his time because he’s not getting to my heart without first going through my head.  And certainly, he’s not getting to me intimately without touching my heart.  Love is a process that takes patience and time.  If a potential love interest is unwilling to take the time it takes to get to know me, well, c’est la vie … next! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do Animals Have Souls?

Hello Friends! Hope you all are enjoying a nice, lazy, slow and relaxing Sunday! I have been sitting at the computer goofing off online for two hours as I try to narrow down what subject to write about in my blog today. I have no less than 1,465,303 issues/topics I would like to address, so it has been difficult to pinpoint this blog to one topic. To be honest, I’m still not sure exactly where I’m going to take it. How about I just wing it and go where my thoughts and feelings take me?

ANIMALS---Do They Have Souls?

Every morning without fail, I awake sandwiched between two extra large, fat, juicy cats. I have a full-sized bed, mind you, but my space on the bed is limited to a 1’X 7’ space in the direct center of the bed. Most of the time when I wake, I can’t even move side-to-side because the kitties are pressed so tightly by me on both sides. Does this invasion of personal space annoy me? Sometimes. But most of the time, it makes me smile first thing in the morning. I do not have children, so my two spoiled cats are pretty much treated as such, and I’m convinced they are of the mindset that they are in fact human. Animals, in general, tend to exhibit many of the same characteristics, behaviors, and habits as humans. Would it not then stand to reason that they too have souls?

I think in some ways animals actually have more soul than their human counterparts. They are certainly less judgmental and often times far more compassionate than humans. Animals express many of the same emotions humans do: love, anger, joy, apathy, jealousy, hatred, and even depression. They behave like humans, with violence and fighting, killing one another, being mischievous, reproducing and caring for their young, hunkering down during bad weather, and simply trying to live happily, contently, and in a manner which allows them to thrive.

Animals desire much the same in life as humans, minus the need/want/love for technology, money, and the daily grind of having to hold down a job. They have a closer relationship with the earth than we do simply by the fact that they aren’t the ones leaving behind carbon footprints. If left alone and human less for too long, every species of animal, specifically those who have been domesticated would/could adapt to living off the land. Simply put, they really don’t need mankind to survive.* (see footnote)

But life just works better when they and we live in harmony together. When I stated earlier that animals are not judgmental and are compassionate, I was using my own two fat cats for reference. I’ve been co-habiting with these two for going on 6 years, and believe me we have been through a lot together. They have seen me at my best and worst, yet they still love me unconditionally. When I cry, they always come to me to see what’s wrong. When I’m angry whether at them or not, they pick up on it and keep their distance from me for a while. They don’t care if I have a big, honkin’ zit on my face. They don’t care whether or not I wear make-up. They don’t care if I walk around the apartment in flannel pajama pants all winter long. They don’t care if I’m gassy. They don’t care if my hair is in a pony tail every day during the summer. They love me the same unconditional way every day without fail, and without me having to wonder about or question it. I am sure that those of you who have pets feel the same way about your own.

Humans have a spiritual connection with non-domestic animals as well. We enjoy watching animals, well, just being animals. That’s why we have zoos all over the globe. We take vacations to reconnect with nature. We camp in the wilderness hoping to catch glimpses of animals in their natural habitat as undisturbed by man as possible. We feel an inner peace in reconnecting with nature and the earth. That’s very spiritual, and I believe that any living creature which can invoke such feelings of inner peace and contentment must have a soul.

Do you have an opinion as to whether animals have a soul? Comments and opinions are welcomed and appreciated. Tell me about the soulful connection you have with your pets!

Peace out!

*(This is not to say that a domestic animal can live in the wild if dumped out of a car by a thoughtless owner on a country road to be left to fin for itself.  I just want to clarify my meaning.  I’m saying that over time, a domestic species could live without man’s intervention.)*

Friday, December 31, 2010

Forever December

     Hello Friends, and welcome to my personal blogspot, Forever December. Forever December will be the place where I come to allow my mind to wander, my thoughts to ponder, and my fingers to freely dance about the keyboard as they compile information from this head of mine into a readable format. I decided upon the title "Forever December" for my blogspot for several reasons. To start, I love the month of December because it's the month of my birth (the 6th to be exact). December ushers in the Winter Solstice, and although I am not a big fan of harsh winter weather, I do enjoy crisp winter nights during the holiday season. Of course I love December for its holidays, Christmas and New Year's Eve, who doesn't? 
     But the most significant reason I chose the title "Forever December" for my blogspot is due to my wish that the feelings of good-will toward others and the merriment of the month of December could/would remain with us throughout the entire year, instead of slowly dying away with the advance of a new year. Why shouldn't we decorate our homes festively, entertain guests, give to charity, and treat others kinder just because it is June, for example? Why do we tend to save our warm and fuzzy feelings for this one month of the year when there are 11 other months deserving of nothing less as well? Why can't every month of the year feel like December (minus the cold)? Why can't it be forever December in our hearts?
     I hope that you all will enjoy coming to Forever December. For over a year now, I have been on a writing hiatis. Not sure why, but I simply didn't feel like writing, blogs in particular. I couldn't find the right avenue for writing blogs after My Space took a nosedive. I do not feel comfortable expressing myself on Facebook quite the way I did on My Space. Those of you who used to read my "Starla's Ramblings" on My Space will recall my rants. I really enjoyed writing  rants, as well as my weekly series "Coffee Talk." Forever December is going to be every bit as candid as Starla's Ramblings, but minus the cursing and hardcore ranting. My wish for Forever December is for it to be a place where I can share thoughts, ideas, theories, research, poetry, or even personal journaling at times, and to receive feedback from an audience, because I'm a ham. (Smiling like a Cheshire cat showing dimple on cheek. :) (*winking eye*;)

    And in closing I want to wish all of my friends a Happy New Year and a Forever December feeling for the remainder of the year 2011.

Peace out!