Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accosted Over a Hot Link---Really?

So, as if I hadn't had a difficult enough week this week, yesterday at work I was accosted over a hot link sausage.  Every other month, we have a luncheon to celebrate the birthdays of those who had a birthday during that two-month period.  I was asked to bring hot links, which I am not particularly fond of any way, but I didn't bat an eyelash about buying them if it was what the team wanted.  Now, I do not buy for my co-workers any less quality of food item than I would ingest myself.  If I make a dish for work, I am sure to buy quality ingrediants.  Well, this person, I'll call her Demon to save her identity, first thing in the morning was already inquiring about the links I'd bought.  She was basically wanting to know if I'd bought some weird off brand.  I let her know that I'd bought a quality name brand, all beef, so it would be ok. 

We had our luncheon, and it was really nice.  We had had a great day, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.  At my break, I noticed the food still sitting out on the table, and that there were a lot of hot links left.  Two of us had brought a pack, so there was a combination of both left over.  I grabbed all of them and put them in the refridgerator because I thought it was time to chill the meat.  About an hour later, Demon decides she wants a link.  I let her know I'd put them in the fridge.  She began chewing me up one side and down the other!  "You're not supposed to put them in the fridge to get cold!  You leave them out so people can eat on them all day!" This may not sound too terrible, but she was being hateful about it and in the way she was saying it to me.  I said that I didn't realize people were going to eat any more, so I put them away to keep them from spoiling.  I, being the altruistic person I am, walked into the break room, grabbed the whole plate of links to put them back out on the luncheon table.  Demon met me on my way back.  "Gimme one of them links!"  "You ain't gonna take all them links!"  "So-in-So also bought a pack, they ain't all yours!"  Do you know how badly I wanted to tell her to take them and shove them all where the sun doesn't shine??? 

I opened the plate and let her take a link, trying to explain to her that I was not intending on taking all the precious hunks of fatted meat, but she was not hearing me at this point.  When I got back into my work area, I gave all of them to the other person who'd also bought a pack.  I told her, "here, do what you want with these."  Then, Demon came back to our work area and started accosting me AGAIN!!!  "You don't act like I'm begging for food!  I don't have to ask you for no food!"  I mean, REALLY!!!  I finally told her to go to hell, turned around, put on my headphones and fumed.  I could then see her in my peripherial vision talking to everyone around, whom she'd made VERY uncomfortable, about me.  It took everything in me not to stand up and yell, "F*** YOU, and take those hot links and shove them up your a**!" 

What makes people behave inappropriately over something as simple as food?  I would have given Demon the whole damn plate of links had she asked me!  The better question is why did she feel the need to treat me disrespectfully and mean?  Did that make her feel better about herself?  She made me so angry that I could tell my blood pressure was up.  When I got home, I felt terrible, both mentally and physically.  And all over some damn hot links that I could have given a rat's a** about!  What did she accomplish with her behavior? 

I don't know... I just don't get people any more.  And certainly, I don't get demons!

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  1. Wow, for an adult woman, she sure acted like an 11 year old child. She's expected to be a professional business woman?

    While, I'd like to say "turn the other cheek" or something loving and brilliant like that, I'm going to tell you what I would do. I know that people like to say "don't lower yourself" and "treat her like you'd want to be treated", she already busted that bottle of Mercury when she didn't treat you like an adult in the first place.

    What I would do, regardless of how wrong it might be (or is for that fact), I would act as if I know something horrible about her, and I'm keeping the secret for now. At any moment, I could tell HR, her priest, her MOTHER, and her life would change and be shattered.

    Mind you, it could be that she does have something to hide, and her attitude might change. If you have to, smile to yourself when she's looking and don't make eye contact with her. At this time, try not interacting with her, the less contact you make with her right now, the more time it's going to give you to get past this crap she put you through.

    I laughed at the name you called her. I am sorry that she feels she has to control YOU because of her obvious flaws and insecurities!

    Have a better day!! *HUGS*